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SPC-100 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

Product Introduction
SPC-100 was environment friendly, high range polycarboxylate superplasticizer ,which developed by our company. The product has the advantages as follow:
1.Enhanced pumping performance and workability to concrete by outstanding slump retaining ability and higher water-reducing ability.
2. Improved the plastic index and concrete intensity increasing performance.

Technical Principle
The main molecular chain of the product was absorbed in the surface of cement particle firmly,that will impede hydration reaction and improve slump-retaining performance. Side molecular chain was around the cement particle, so it is functional to steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion that’s why that product have better dispersity and water reducing effort.

1.Higher water reducing rate: Water reducing function was achieved by excellent dispersity. Water reducing rate is up to 25%, it can improve the working performance of the concrete, the strength of the concrete strongly and also the amount of cement can be saved.
2. Molecule Controllability: The water reducing rate, slump-loss retarding and air-entraining performance could be adjusted by the molecular weight of the main chain, the length and carboxylic groups of the secondary chains.
3. Excellent slump retaining  ability: The slump retaining ability is excellent, especially in maintaining low slump retention,so workability of the concrete is guaranteed without effecting the normal setting of the concrete.
4.Excellent Cohesiveness: It is cohesive to concrete,so the concrete had better workability, and won’t be layered, bleeding, segregated.
5. Excellent dispersity:With the product, the concrete can get high flowing property, that will be easy to place,suitable to self compacting concrete.
6.High strength growth rate: Higher growth rate of high strength,enhanced the shrinkage and decreased the carbonation ratio of concrete.
7. Wide applicability:Suitable for Portland Cement, Portland Slag Cement.
8. Excellent Durability: Low shrinkage ratio, low alkali content, that will enhance the durability of the concrete.
9.Environmental-Friendly: Without methanal and related harmful ingredient.

1.Suitable for ready mix concrete and on site concrete of industrial usage or civil building usage.
2.Applied in common concrete, pumping concrete, high strength concrete, high performance concrete.
3.Apply to the projects of water conservancy,maritime work,subway, bridge, highway, etc.
4.Suitable for self-compacting concrete, precast.

Recommend Dosage
1.The recommend dosage is 0.25% to 0.8%, the dosage could be adjusted according to the special aggregates.
2. The mix time at least 150s.
3. This product could combine with retarders,defoamer,air entraining admixture, sodium lignin sulfonate during usage.
4.This product is concentrated product, we suggest to compound before usage.

Technical Index






White to canary liquid




PH Value



Solid Content



Chloride Content



Alkali content



Physical-mechanical properties

Test Items

Corporation Specification

Test result

Water Reducing Rate(%)



Ratio of bleeding rate at normal pressure(%)



Air Content(%)



Slump Change with time(60min)



  Ratio of Compressive Strength(%)
















Package & Storage
1. 200KG plastic drum or 1000kg IBC tank.
2.Avoid to the sunshine,store under the temperature of -5℃ to -35℃.
3.The shelf-life is 12 months under the required temperature.

Handling Notes
SPC-100 is free from alkaline. It’s not toxic,hazardous, and corrosive. 
When it contacts to eyes and skin, the affected area shall be immediately rinsed with plenty of water for minutes.

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