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KLZ-1 Grinding Agent

Product Introduction
This product was belong to surfactant, it can improve the fluidity and dispersity of the powder thus enhanced the efficiency of grinding for the powder during added the product to grinding materials. When adding adequate that product to grinding materials, the product was absorbed into crack and decreased the surface free energy,that is beneficial to enhancing the efficiency of grinding. That product also has the advantages as follow:
1. Crack of cement particle is opened and keep opening when the molecule of the product was absorbed, so cement particle will accelerate the size and decrease the rate.
2.The polar molecule of the product is available to neutralize with The electric charge of grinding clinker.
3. The ultimate function of the product is despersing cement particle, achieving the best grinding effort.
4.The early strength, late strength and other performance of cement could be increased when the product improve the grinding performance.

Physical Parameters


White to brown liquid

PH value




Technical Parameters

Quality Standard

Accorded with the quality standard of Q/KLH15-2011, had no harmful effect to concrete and cement


Ordinary portland cement, Pure portland cement, Slag cement and composite cement.




●Improve 10%-20% of the output.
●Improve 3-5 Mpa Strength of the cement in 3 days.
●Improve 5-8 Mpa Strength of the cement in 28 days.
● Save 8% above of the clinker to the same brands cement.
● Grinding cement chloridion is less two out of ten thousand

The dosage of every minute followed formula: L=(M*G)/(D*C*60)
Herein, L:addition of cement grinding/ton(ml/min)
M: admixing quantity  of cement grinding/ton(g/t)
G: output of grinder/hour(t/h)
D: proportion of cement grinding aid
C: dilution proportion of usage

Package & Storage:
200kg plastic drum or IBC tank, avoid to sunshine.
Shelf-life is 12 months.

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